Maximize Your Health During Chiropractic Care

Have you ever wondered how you maximize your health during the course of chiropractic care? There are normally three stages of care that each patient will go through during their course of chiropractic treatment. These stages are Relief Care, Corrective Care, and Maintenance Care.

Relief care provides temporary relief from your symptoms or pain, but does not correct the cause. This is the point when you initially start feeling better after starting chiropractic care. While the pain may be going away, the actual problem isn’t and requires more work so that we can then prevent future damage.

Corrective care, on the other hand, takes longer because you are trying to correct the source of the problem. Some considerations in the length of this treatment are the condition and integrity of the spinal column, the age and physical condition of the patient, and the age and severity of the problem. A complete correction is not always possible for everyone, but we have seen amazing results in our office.  We will discuss with you our recommendations for achieving a corrective state for your condition.

Maintenance care is the final stage that ensures that the integrity of the spine is being maintained. It involves a periodic checkup and adjustments as needed. Because our day to day activities put pressure on our bodies, we must continue to monitor the health condition of your spine.  Regular chiropractic adjustments will help to make sure you are living in the most optimized condition and that your personal life maintains the ability to live with maximum results!

So, what happens when you discontinue maintenance care? What if you stop getting adjusted and receiving chiropractic treatments? Some people are just concerned about relieving the symptoms, while others know that a complete correction is best for their overall health.  The choice is up to you, but you should discuss this with our office so that you know the facts as they pertain to your case. We want you to feel better, live longer, and experience optimal health and we know that you can do this with regular chiropractic care!