We Can Help

Do you have a child struggling with attention, focus, behavior, asthma, learning disability?  What about allergies, ear aches or colic?

Are you suffering from headaches or stress?  Are you pregnant or do you have problems with PMS?

Have you tried multiple therapies and perhaps even multiple medications?

Most people would not connect chiropractic to the many conditions noted above, especially kids with issues like ADHD, SPD and autism. The fact is the nervous system runs everything – it’s a living breathing organ. It’s the “middle man” between brain and body.

The Effects of Nerve Interference can manifest in countless ways within the body.  It’s like trying to find that leak in a roof.  You see water dripping in one area, but the actual leak is somewhere else.  It’s the same with nerve interference.  An interference (subluxation) within the spinal column impacts numerous nerves, not just one; thus the impact of that interference can appear in conditions or areas you would not associate with a subluxation in the spinal column.

At Balanced Body Chiropractic, our job is to locate and remove interference within the nervous system, thus allowing you or your child to heal and enjoy a better, healthier life.